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Health Tips

Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom Through Meditation

2 min read

“The key to awakening a reconnection with yourself, is to honestly and
fully start listening. It’s to slowly start making a safe space for your
emotions, thoughts, beliefs and body consciousness to be heard.”

Recovering from autoimmune dis-ease and other chronic illness requires getting still and silent to hear your body’s messages and your own inner wisdom. You have all the answers within you, however the internal and external noise that surrounds you muffles that guidance. By creating space to reconnect to yourself and be open to receiving the guidance within you, will allow unhealed layers of self that have longed to be heard and acknowledged get the attention they’ve been crying for. Listening to and honor these layers are a critical part of the recovery process.

One method to reconnect to yourself and hear your body’s wisdom is through meditation. When we find a place of stillness, we give ourselves the space to drop any emotional, mental, physical and energetic baggage we’ve been carrying around. When we drop away all of this internal and external noise, we are better able to connect with and hear the guidance of our Sacred Self and more.

Now for those of you thinking to yourself that you cannot meditate, I get it and please know that you absolutely can meditate. Meditation can be as simple as sitting in the bathtub and closing your eyes for a few minutes. As a busy mom, I can’t always do the sitting traditional style of meditation so, I prefer to do a movement meditation that can

be experienced while doing the dishes or taking a brisk walk. It can be sitting down and paying attention to your breath. And it can take you five minutes or 50—it depends entirely on what you feel comfortable with. There is no fancy clothing, tools, or mantras needed (unless you want those things, then by all means add them). Meditation is simply slowing down, hitting pause, and listening.

“Even in stillness, there is movement. Sometimes it takes time for the molecules of change to shift form. Even when it feels like nothing is happening, transformation is taking place.” Anonymous

Much love,