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Health Tips

Cultivate your re-connection to self.

2 min read

Simple Sacred Practices that cultivate more Joy, love, compassion and reconnection to yourself and your Sacred Health.

Our body, mind, heart and soul has an innate wisdom, a consciousness and intelligence that is guiding us all the time. The truth is that whether we know it or not, we are always connected and are constantly connecting to so many things. But does it leave room for what matters most?

For so many of us, our focus and attention is almost always on anything and anyone but ourselves. It is easier now more than ever to get lost in the day to day activities, stressors and business of life. We don’t always realize that Our mind, body, emotions and energy are subtly bombarded with all types of connection on a regular basis, through being connected to our phones, work, responsibilities and loved ones. We are also connecting to our environment and all that we consume through food, social media and more. All of these can serve as a wonderful purpose or a harmful distraction. However, one thing we don’t always leave room for is that inner connection with ourselves. The inner connection of our “whole sacred self” that is our mind, body, heart and soul.

So I invite you to embrace the opportunity to rekindle harmony in your life and body by tending to your true inner connection of your Sacred Self. The process can be surprisingly joyful and incredibly beneficial.

Here are some tips and practices to get you on the path:

  1. Meditation/Stillness
  2. Heart Coherence / Connecting to your Heart Center
  3. Nature and Grounding
  4. Breathwork
  5. Thymus Thump

To get you started with these practices, we want to focus briefly on the Thymus Thump. The Thymus Gland is responsible for maturing infection-fighting white blood cells (T cells) made in our bone marrow. ‘Thumping your thymus’ is a method of gently tapping on the thymus gland to create vibrations that stimulate an increase in the maturation and release of white blood cells.

From an emotional and energetic perspective, the vibration from rubbing or thumping the Thymus connects you to your heart center, releases fear, and connects you back to yourself and your higher consciousness.

Gorilla’s innately are in tune with the power of the Thymus thump. Gorilla’s pound their chest before a battle and one could argue they do this to release fear before engaging in the conflict, to increase their energy, and prepare their immune system to deal with injuries.

The Thymus thump is quick and easy and can be done anywhere and anytime. Though it is recommended to at least do it first thing in the morning and avoid doing it at night. Watch this short 5 minute video to learn more about your Thymus and how to do the Thymus thump.

In the coming weeks we’ll be going into detail on what each of these practices are, their benefits, and how to begin implementing them into your life for deep inner transformation and healing. You’re not going to want to miss this series!

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