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Stories of Hope

Embracing Healing: A Journey to Safety and Self-Discovery

2 min read

What do you want most in life?

Is it wealth, good health, children, a firm relationship, or fulfilling work?

Our deepest desires often shape who we are at our core.

May I share a story?

What if your ultimate yearning is to feel safe, to trust your own body completely?

For the majority of my life, that was my underlying need. Growing up, I was molested by my father, and this violation left me feeling that my body was not a safe place to inhabit.

Living as a human being, there was no other way to exist, and thus my body began to break down early.

Healing Journey

At just 9 years old, I remember pondering if this was what it felt like to be old. My body hurt, my energy levels were low, and my muscles didn’t respond as they once had.

Simple tasks like doing cartwheels became challenging.

Life took me away from home when my Mom sent my older sister and me to a boarding school, all in the name of keeping us “safe.” However, this period was one of the darkest times in my young life, and my body’s condition deteriorated further.

High school saw me placed in another unfamiliar environment with people I didn’t know, and I was burdened by a religion that suffocated me. In an attempt to fit in and survive, I lost my sense of self.

After college, I married a man deeply rooted in that same religion, and although we moved away from religious centers, I clung to those beliefs due to brainwashing.

Nature had always been my solace, my safe haven, and as my life progressed and my body continued to decline, I received a diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) with no cure, only hope to slow its progression and enjoy my remaining days.

My heart shattered. I wasn’t ready to die! As I went through the grieving process and tried to accept a reality that I thought was mine, fate had something else in store for me.

healing journey

I was introduced to a practitioner who not only helped me understand my body’s condition but also guided me through releasing and working through deep-seated trauma.

To my surprise, I started to heal. Yes, heal! I began to realize that I could feel safe in my body and that it was a beautiful, precious, strong, and reliable place to live. I rediscovered my sense of self and leaned into a new life—one that I actively chose and felt safe within. A life where I could flourish.

And this is my hope for you: to feel safe and trust your body, to live your truth and express it fearlessly, to fully inhabit your body and embrace the life you were destined