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Meet our team of Holistic Wellness Practitioners who help individuals experiencing chronic and autoimmune diseases to recover sustainably. We pool our resources, knowledge and experiences so that all our clients have access to some of the highest quality comprehensive healthcare information and treatment options available today. This collaboration ensures that our clients are able to resolve their symptoms and take back control of their lives.


We do this by using the client’s health history, symptoms and in-depth blood and specialized testing to uncover the cause(s) of an individual’s illness. Using a clinically proven tiered approach, we address the root cause(s), walk beside our clients through their recovery journey step by step, as well as support and coach through the tough spots and celebrate their amazing wins. We provide continued care as needed to support the client’s continued wellness for years to come.


We work with clients nationwide, as well as internationally via telehealth, who are experiencing a variety of health issues such as but not limited to autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, Type 2 Diabetes, thyroid and/or hormonal imbalances, and gastrointestinal issues. Meet the team that will help you identify what is causing your disease process, address those specific causes and help you achieve sustainable wellness.

Are you looking to make a change, but need some help on where to start?

Reach out. Book an introductory call with our intake specialist team and they will help you clarify your goals and needs. 

Melissa Rose


Melissa Rose, AFMP, CHHC, AADP is an Applied Functional Medicine Practitioner specializing in autoimmune disease, complex illness, mystery illness, and rare autoimmune conditions. With thousands of clients served, Melissa has established herself as a high-level practitioner for advanced autoimmune clients at Autoimmune Recovery. She is also the Founder and CEO of Sagebrush Wellness and Autoimmune Recovery.org. Melissa is a published author, educator, and practitioner mentor. As a sought after speaker and educator, she has been a featured autoimmune panelist as well as an experts panel moderator. She has made notable appearances both internationally and on television, including at the annual CellCore Conference, the Symptom Free MS Summit, and the MS Fitness Challenge. Melissa has been featured on various podcasts including Peeling the Onion, Live Wellthy, and Thrive Women! She is the host of the Reimagine Autoimmune Recovery Summit and conducts weekly roundtable discussions and monthly educational webinars. Melissa’s expertise and dedication have made her a trusted resource in the field of functional medicine.


As a AFMC Board Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Melissa is a sought-after clinician. She is skilled in a variety of cutting-edge progressive testing. She uses symptoms, test results, and personal/family history to get to the root of the disease process for her clients. As a team, she and the client work synergistically to create a plan addressing imbalance in the body. She provides innovative care, coaching, education and encouragement, throughout their journey. Her goal for each client is sustainable wellness.


Her education includes the School of Applied Functional Medicine, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Functional Nutrition Lab, with certifications from American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Human Research and Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel from Weill Cornell Medical College.


Robyn Devoe


Robyn’s fascination with Functional Medicine began during her personal journey to heal from chronic illness, including cystic acne, cortisol dysregulation, and mold toxicity. As her health improved, so did her drive to share root-cause medicine with others. As a fully certified Functional Medicine Coach, Robyn is a strong believer that our bodies are made to be healthy, and we hold the power in our daily choices to achieve long-term vibrancy. She employs her gentle, compassionate demeanor to help her clients find empowerment and harmony in their health through tweaks to their lifestyle and habits. What she loves most of all is truly connecting with her clients to discover what will work best for them in their unique lives, and making health less overwhelming and more attainable and sustainable. When Robyn is not coaching, you can find her recreating and volunteering in the mountains and on the rivers near her home in Bozeman, Montana.

Robyn is accepting new clients.

Andrea Harrison

– Marketing director | Managing director

Andrea brings 20+ years of experience in business growth and heart centered client focus. She believes in the mission and values of Autoimmune Recovery and is excited to serve along side the team.

You will be seeing more of her as well as a beautiful expansion of our services and message.

Andrea Harrison