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Ready to heal? Be open to receiving…..

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One of the best ways to start is to explore what we tell ourselves, to become aware of what we think. Exploring our self-perception can be a difficult road. As we dig into our sense of Self, we uncover some aspects that we are not proud of or that are difficult to understand and deal with. Think of these discoveries or realizations as roadblocks or teachers to getting where you want to be. Also, give yourself a break and remember to love yourself deeply and give gratitude that you are changing your thoughts and your life now.

For example, if we are on a road trip and the only road going to our destination is blocked by debris, and no one is around, we would get out of our car and move what is blocking us. Depending on its size, we may require assistance from others. Moving a large log with four people is much easier than moving it alone.

When we are diagnosed with a disease, we are given the label of having something—cancer, MS, another autoimmune condition, etc. This label may require changes in our life or the loss of who we thought we were. This loss may lead to fear, making us hold on tightly to our past, which is a roadblock. Through our challenges, we realize the old ways we thought and lived are not supporting our healing.

We may want to heal and get past this label of our diagnosis, in order to live and survive. We know where we want to go, but our strong desire to hold on to our past (because it is comfortable and known) becomes the roadblock or mental debris. Depending on the size and impact of our concept of “who we once were,” removing this debris can be difficult, but it is not impossible. I found that Awareness of the debris allowed me to take steps to remove it, piece by piece. Removing the roadblock does not have to be done alone, which is the good part.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for help. Be open to receiving! This can be done with friends, family, or from a healing and support team. This team should understand who you are, where you are going, and what needs to be removed. Having confidants who understand what you are trying to achieve, people who listen and hear you, will be a lifesaving gift.

With Love and Joy,

Matt Rowe