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Tune into your own body with our self service lab portal

Curious as to what outside influences may be affecting your body? Wondering what underlying condition may be causing your symptoms? Specialized testing focusing on certain chemicals, toxins or processes within your body are another piece of the puzzle to complete your journey to total body wellness. Now you can order them yourself! Never before have you been in so much control of your health and understanding of your own body. Prior to ordering any labs, it is advisable to book a new client consultation so that we can discuss what tests would be beneficial to uncover information regarding your specific case. This will eliminate costly and unnecessary testing. Many of these tests are very thorough with detailed results. We always recommend having a lab review consultation with one of our practitioners to help decipher the results of the tests to help draw conclusions.

Functional lab opportunities include comprehensive stool test, food sensitivity testing, organic acid testing, toxicity testing, mineral analysis, nutrient panels, functional and basic blood work, and more. Available to US clients as well as UK, Canada and International Clients.

Laboratory Partners

Further your understanding with the help of one of our practitioners

If you are interested in diving even deeper into understanding the processes within your body and getting to the root cause of issues, then our practitioners can help. We have access to even more thorough testing and can help you decipher the results. These types of tests can only be ordered and interpreted by a medical practitioner. Not a client yet?