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Stories of Hope

STORY OF HOPE: Goodbye medications, hello freedom!

2 min read

A recent 17 year old client who we will call Kathy experienced massive changes in only 7

sessions together.

Her diagnoses were:

  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Raynaud’s
  • Inflammatory Arthritis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Coach Christy worked with Kathy and her mom (since Kathy was a minor), and they came to us worried about all of the dangerous medications that had been prescribed to help her feel better, but were doing nothing to reverse the diseases.

She was on Methotrexate (which is dangerous to fetuses so the docs also put her on the Pill). She was also taking another joint pain medication, meds for stomach pain, another for nausea that was a side effect caused from medications, and a medication for Raynaud’s.

When a medication is toxic enough that the pill is prescribed along with it, that meant Kathy could never have kids as long as that medication was needed. This was powerful motivation for them to find a practitioner that would help them to naturally reverse the symptoms while looking for what was driving the disease in the first place so it could be eliminated for good.

As with all clients, we start with the foundational pieces of improving digestion and bowel movements. She did a KBMO food sensitivity test (our favorite to work with) and eliminated the foods that showed highly reactive. That meant giving up both gluten and dairy, which she did and started to notice the difference right away.

We supported the GI tract with herbal supplements, she got on supplements her bloodwork showed her deficient in, and that began the healing process for her body.

At session 7, Kathy took a turn for the worse. She was experiencing dizziness and could hardly work. We stopped all supplements, wondering if any one of them was causing the issue. Then she went back to the doctor and discovered it was because of side effects of medication she no longer needed!

Kathy’s doctor took her off the Methotrexate and she no longer needed the stomach pain medication, nor the nausea or joint pain medications! Once coming off those meds, Kathy’s dizziness subsided and she is feeling great WITHOUT any of those harmful meds.

Both Kathy and mom are just thrilled and this is exactly what they were hoping for. She went from missing 50 days of high school in one year due to her illness, to not having any symptoms today.

Now Kathy is off to her freshman year in college and is excited to have been selected to the dance team! While college may not be easy while having to live a gluten free, dairy free lifestyle, she knows it is worth it because she is now pain free and able to live again.

Congratulations “Kathy” for all the hard work you put in. I’m so proud and happy for you!