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The Intersection of Travel & Health

By Robyn DeVoe, NBC-HWC, FMCHC As I prepare to embark across the world again, after just 4 months back at home, it’s got me thinking. What is it about travel that I crave? As much as I need the stability of a home, I also need the upheaval of an extended international journey ideally twice […]

Long-Term Pain After Silicone Breast Implant and Capsule Removal: Causes and Functional Medicine Approaches

Abstract Silicone breast implants have become increasingly popular for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. However, some individuals experience persistent musculoskeletal pain after implant placement and subsequent removal. This article explores the potential causes of long-term pain associated with silicone breast implants and discusses successful functional medicine approaches for managing these symptoms. Introduction Breast implant illness (BII) refers to […]

The Role of Comprehensive Testing in Functional Medicine

Functional medicine represents a paradigm shift in healthcare, emphasizing the identification, testing, and treatment of the root causes of symptoms through individualized lab testing. Rather than merely addressing symptoms, functional medicine practitioners prioritize client education and empowerment as key components of achieving sustainable health benefits. Comprehensive testing plays a pivotal role in this approach, extending […]